Yordanov - Navigation & Engineering Ltd. / YNE, is a professional team of independent marine officers led by Mr. Dimitar Yordanov who has 16 years of experience on merchant vessels and 14 years of experience ashore as a Director of own company. A boutique firm, YNE specializes in offering impartial advisory services and supplying international maritime community with complete suite of ship management services . Our reputation as a dynamic and innovative company is based on the premise of trust and correctness. We believe in developing a long-term working relationship with our clients while placing particular emphasis on handling our clients’ affairs responsibly. 

 We are completely independent

and work with a network of highly qualified specialists around the world.


We recruit and retain highly capable crew and their expertise is maintained through frequent training in excess of industry benchmarks.
By using services from YNE, a company with a broad range of experience, you can enjoy a broad choice of experts, cost-effective work and high-quality.

Based in Varna, Bulgaria, where 22000 licensed merchant mariners are located, the company continuously provides the international fleet with highly educated and skillful seafarers. Working closely with high level shipowners and ship managers running a huge number of vessels, the office staff is well experienced in many different types of IT programs as well as in educational modules for ship maintenance systems ECDIS educational systems and seafarers professional tests.


YNE is a company managed by experienced staff with a track record of identifying the very best talent across a wide range of the maritime segment. We are experienced in working with multiple nationalities proving highest standard of trust while developing a relationship with our clients based on trust, transparency and honesty ensuring total alignment of interests.


 Our clients come from all over the world

We share our knowledge in high level of ship management, maritime services and human resources with them.

Our reputation as a dynamic and innovative company is based on the premise of responsibility, trust and reliability.

We are open for future projects of ship management all over the world. The current financial year has been very eventful for the global economy and for the shipping companies as well as for ship-owning funds and organizations. The companies from the financial services sector which have become major shareholders in the traditional ship-owning companies are now looking for opportunities to grow the business. The merchant shipping segment, which was previously profiled as high-yield sought-after investment, nowadays provides a product area with good profitability, sustainability, aiming no financial burdens and with growing equity capital. Worldwide the demand for new build, Zero emission vessels in shipping is higher as never before, therefore YNE introduces an innovative concept of using the market situation as a chance to grow and dominate in the shipping market segment using web based platforms and low costs providing the opportunity to attract private equity funds or ship-owning funds.

 We have access to a wide range of shipping industry products and financial services

so we can advise our clients on the most appropriate decisions & solutions to meet their requirements.

YNE offer top-quality products in all shipping segments including structured products. YNE places great importance on the development of innovative customized products to pave the way to growth on the investment market. Here we give our appreciation to future creative business partners who are now contributing to world progress, continuing building their success we work towards both our and their growth.